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Nuke libgmodel?

From: Jonathan Gapen
Subject: Nuke libgmodel?
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 03:03:18 -0600

    Yesterday, I experimentally obliterated all traces of the gmodel
code from gnustep-gui.  This broke only NSColorPanel.  Today, I did a
CVS update and found that Fred re-implemented NSColorPanel without my
gmodel.  As we can see, gmodels aren't winning any popularity contests.
Instead of fixing up a few problems with the NSSavePanel and
NSColorPanel gmodels, we now have hard-coded versions.  And none of the
apps released for GNUstep uses gmodels.  Unless I'm missing something, a
gmodel doesn't have any advantage over a NIB-style object archive.  Only
native GNUstep and OPENSTEP could possibly share gmodels, and even then
with a lot of hackish code to take into account different widget sizes.
    This leads me to suggest removing libgmodel from gnustep-gui. 
Nothing in gnustep-gui uses it any longer, and few (if any) other apps
use it.  I think the best use for the code is as a seperate library for
any apps that still use it, and for nib2gmodel.  Thus, a gmodel would be
a transfer format for Gorm to load for tweaking, before saving as a
.gorm file.
    Does this sound reasonable?

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