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[ANN] MySQL EOFAdaptor 1.0.5

From: Anjo Krank
Subject: [ANN] MySQL EOFAdaptor 1.0.5
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 12:51:43 +0100
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A new and totally revised version of the MySQL EOFAdaptor is available at:

Binary (OSXS):


It features better reverse modelling and speed, fetch limits (ugly!) and

If you want to compile it yourself, you'll need to modify the MySQL client
libraries or download some binaries I´ve put together from version 3.22.x
which are available only upon request (I've lost the sources, so there are
only binaries). It works fine on OSXS and Sun 2.7. Windows is reported to
work also.

*** FIXME's:

MySQL is unable to create NULL index-colunms - this severely clashes with
EOF - escpecially efficient foreign key handling is made very difficult by

WOEvent-Logging is missing - there seem to be no docs for this.


Memory allocation, speed and efficiency.

I'm fully aware that MySQL is not even to be considered as a "real" RDMS,
however, I have quite a few customers depending on it and am quite happy to
provide them a migration path to something more "serious":)

Otherwise, have fun!

PS: I sincerly apologize to [original author] that I have posted this stuff
at such a late time...please send me your data again, so you can be included
in the proper license headers.

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