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Re: AppIcon patch revisited

From: Dan Pascu
Subject: Re: AppIcon patch revisited
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 04:27:36 +0200 (EET)

On  8 Feb, Richard Frith-Macdonald wrote:
> I think I've finally got the appicon/miniwindow code sorted out neatly,
> made to operate only when Window Maker is in use, and controllable by -
> 'defaults write NSGlobalDomain UseWindowMakerIcons NO'
> What we get from this is -
> 1. placement of appicon/miniwindows under Window Maker control, so they don't 
> overlap existing tiles on the screen
> 2. the ability to place a GNUstep app in the Window maker dock.
> What we lose from this is -
> The ability to move the appicon/miniwindow under program control
> The ability to handle drag-and-drop in appicon/miniwindows
> The ability to make use of mouse actions inside appicon/miniwindows

I don't quite understand why this is not possible. The window in the
appicon belongs to gnustep, so it should have control over it to do
whatever it likes, maybe except moving it. But if it implements dnd it
should respond to an object dropped on it. And it should already
receive mouse actions. If it wants to open a menu on right mouse click
on it, its free to do so, and if it doesn't want wmaker to open its own
right click menu, then it should not relay the right click to wmaker.

Relaying the left click to wmaker allows wmaker to move the appicon

Take as an example all dockapps out there. they have their own actions
bound to mouse clicks in their window, and wmaker has nothing to do
with them. because they don't even relay the mouse actions back to
wmaker, wmaker is not even aware of what they to, or if they got some
events. Because of this, if you try to move around such a dockapp by
click/dragging in the part of the window that belongs to the dockapp,
you will not be able to move it, since wmaker doesn't get the click.
Only if you click on some border where the window doesn't belong to the
dockapp wmaker gets the click and starts to drag it around. But if the
mouse event is properly relayed to wmaker it should know and allow you
to draq it around no matter where you click in it.


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