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Re: gdb 5.0 objc patch

From: David Relson
Subject: Re: gdb 5.0 objc patch
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 17:15:06 -0500

At 04:41 PM 2/11/01, Christian Swinehart wrote:

First of all, thanks so much for your objc patch to gdb 5.0. Unfortunately
I'm having some trouble getting it to compile.
The patching and configure go smoothly, but compilation halts when make
can't find objc-exp.tab.c or objc-exp.y.

I noticed that the older 4.18 patch does create these files while the 5.0
patch does not. Should/can I use these older versions?

Thanks very much,


I slipped up in generating the patch and left out three files:


objc-exp.tab.c is generated from objc-exp.y during the make.

I've added file gdb-5.0-objc-unoff-fix.tgz to the gdb-5.0 directory. You'' need to manually unpack it and move the files to the proper directory.

Sorry about that.


P.S.  I'll regenerate the patch later this evening.

David Relson                   Osage Software Systems, Inc.
address@hidden       Ann Arbor, MI 48103
www.osagesoftware.com          tel:  734.821.8800

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