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RFV: Maintainer for complete drawing app.

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: RFV: Maintainer for complete drawing app.
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 19:56:12 -0700

I've been contacted by someone who may be able to arrange the donation
of a really good drawing applications. This application was never sold
commercially, to my knowledge.

The software is a complete and working object-based graphical
drawing system.  It features bezier curves, text, and images as
primitive types, full alpha blend compositing with the Porter Duff
compositing operations, object grouping and the ability to enter
and exit levels of the group to edit objects without ungrouping,
both a flat WYSIWYG view and ("Explorer" style) Tree View of the
graphics, a simple ascii forward and backward compatible file
format, and output to PostScript.

It is written in Objective C, for Nextstep 3.0 (not OpenStep),
so it would require effort to port it to GNUstep.
It consists of well-written code, well-commented - about 600 source
files and 100k lines of code.

It also includes a 300-odd page illustrated user manual in FrameMaker
format, (the manual somewhat out of date).

The donation of this software is far from certain, but even before that
could begin, I really need to find someone who could champion the
software and act as a maintainer in some sense. I'm sure we could find
people to help in porting the application and provide technical support,
so that's not neccessarily the knowledge that a potential maintainer
would need.

Please contact me if you're interested.

Adam Fedor, Digital Optics            | Fudd's law of opposition: Push
address@hidden  http://www.doc.com     | something hard enough, and it 
address@hidden  http://www.gnustep.org | will fall over.

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