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Re: Idea 1: A HTML browser

From: Martin
Subject: Re: Idea 1: A HTML browser
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 15:09:06

Hi, -

A while ago I thought about that browser thing, too. And since that's
currently one of my few and only ways to contribute, I thought to just
enter the discussion :-)

Well, other interesting brower-related ideas could be:

- using khtml like netraider ( www.netraider.de )
- using mozilla's rendering engine (like galeon)

Having a native gnustep html rendering object would of course kick ass.
But until such a beast is finished, it would be cool to have a
functional browser that would fit into the GNUstep enviroment, as
Dennis already mentioned. This would be also very helpful with the

The problem with Zen is, that it seems pretty unfinished (look at the
slashdot-screenshot) whereas khtml and mozilla are pretty cool already.
Using Mozilla would also keep gnustep crossplatform compatible. And
Netscape/Mozilla is the most used one on linux, I guess.

Anyway, I should learn Obj-C, too :-)

- Martin Brecher

On Sun, 18 Feb 2001 12:43:05 +0100, Dennis Leeuw wrote:

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>Hi all,
>Some ideas have been running around in my head, and I would like to
>introduce them to you. I had the intention to start learning programming
>Objective-C, but saw that that would take an enormous amount of time,
>before I could contribute something. I think for me it is better to
>concentrate on building GNUstep, writing and maintaining the Build Guide
>and eventually providing LastStep, the GNUstep distro.
>So I am likely to post ideas to this list in the hope someone likes an
>idea and does the actual coding. This one is the first. BTW if some
>feels that I should not use this list for this, let me know and I will
>And most ideas will be Unix (esp. linux) related since imho that will be
>the first environment GNUstep will be used on, so some solutions might
>not be possible on Windows systems
>An idea for a HTML-browser. One that might be easy to adapt for use with
>GNUstep is Zen (http://www.nocrew.org/software/zen/).
>Hope this helps expand the GNUstep Environment.
>Dennis Leeuw
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