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GORM progress?

From: Ian Mondragon
Subject: GORM progress?
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 13:46:03 -0500
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all -

i was tinkering around with GORM the other night & started modifying the
palletes to thrown in simple schtuff like an NSBox, NSView, etc. and after
seeing just how simple it was to do so, i started wondering about the project
as a whole.  has anybody out there been working on GORM actively?  any new
palettes that people use personally?  while ProjectCenter is a major concern
for all of us, it seems that GORM has somehow recieved less attention than it
deserves as this is the other 1/2 of what made NeXT such a phenominal 
development environment.

maybe we should make t-shirts that say "YOU NEED GORM" or something <grin>,
because we all do.  with GORM in a fairly usable state, our development times
would drop to next to nothing compared to the work we need to put in manually
creating the GUI's for our projects.

i've been dealing with this harsh reality as alot of stuff i've been working on
has hit the point where the main code driving the tool(s) is in a fairly stable
state, but the interface is non-existant, and i find myself yearning for IB.

guess this is more of a "hoo-haa" for GORM development/developers than it is a
real inquiry on the status of it.  but please do fill me in with any news.

- ian


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