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ANN: GNUMail.app 0.8.0pre2 / Pantomime 0.6.0

From: Ludovic Marcotte
Subject: ANN: GNUMail.app 0.8.0pre2 / Pantomime 0.6.0
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 14:00:25 -0400 (EDT)


After days of development, I'm glad to announce a new prerelease of 
GNUMail.app (now at 0.8.0pre2) and a new release of Pantomime

This release *needs* the most recent version of GNUstep. You can
get it by reading the following guide:


If you don't use the latest CVS version of GNUstep - GNUMail.app 
will crash since GNUstep's AppKit had some bugs that are not fixed.

GNUMail.app 0.8.0pre2 should be very stable.

That said, here is a small list of changes in GNUMail.app:

- Moved all classes to a MVC design
- New "raw source window" to allow cut/paste
- You can now transfer messages to opened mailboxes!
- Better usability and speed
- Translation to: English, French, German and Swedish
  (thanks to Stephane Perron, Martin Brecher, Vincent Ricard
   and Erik Dalen for this!)
- A new "Prompt password" panel for POP3 and IMAP
- Optimized the Preferences Panel
- You can now create a message from your dead.letter
- Better usability in the application
- Fixed tons of bugs and memory leaks

Here is a small list of changes in Pantomime:

- Now compiles perfectly under MacOS-X (thanks to Stephane
  Corthesy and Francis Lachapelle)
- support for message/rfc822 parts
- fixed some bugs and two memory leaks

You can get GNUMail.app 0.8.0pre2 here (updated my desktop


You can get Pantomime 0.6.0 here:


I'm currently searching for help in the following areas:

- Testing! With lots of different POP3/IMAP/SMTP servers
- MacOS-X nibs and GNUstep gmodel files for all UIs
  This will allow me to 'stop creating' the UIs by hand
  and allow the MacOS-X port to work perfectly
- dutch and italian translation of GNUMail.app
- Pantomime optimizations (finish the MIME support,
  non-blocking I/O and faster parsing of messages)
- GPG/PGP support in GNUMail.app
- HTML text converter (this could be used in GNUstep GUI

I would like to thanks the following people who have greatly
contributed to this release:

Stephane Perron, Martin Brecher, Vincent Ricard, Erik Dalen
Francis Lachapelle, Pierre-Yves Rivaille, Fabien Vallon,
Jonathan B. Leffert and Paul Windey!

In the following days, I plan to concentrate my work on the areas 
where I need help and I'll also continue my work on GNUstep's

Thanks a lot,


Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.
 - Gandhi

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