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GNUstep Weekly Editorial 26-10-2001

From: dennis
Subject: GNUstep Weekly Editorial 26-10-2001
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 05:33:09 +0200

   Editorial 26 October 2001
   Due to illness there was no weekly editorial last week. This weeks
   editorial will cover both last and this weeks changes.
   The mailing-lists
   A lot of ideas have been flying around subjected to Adams question of
   where to put to use the money he earned with the selling of T-shirts.
   Adam updated the task list for version 0.7.5 the list is online at
   Some discussion went on on the efforts to attracked MacOS X
   developers, since we are all using the same API for our applications.
   Hello world, of MacOS X developers! Ever wanted your software to be
   used by many more people, support the GNUstep too.
   Code changes
   Nicola Pero and Adam Fedor went on with their quest to make gs-make
   easier and more consistent, adding Windows (with a lot of fixes send
   in by Stephen Brandon) support and ending in a pre-release this week
   for the gs-make package.
   This also made Adam add a new function to NSPathUtilities called
   GSSystemRootDirectory and add some tests to make sure they are not
   empty and have a default in place.
   Adam also went on on his NSPrintPanel stuff and everything related
   with that: a lot of changes.
   A discussion on the mailinglist concerning the use of #import or
   #include lead to the change of #import to #include by Richard
   Frith-Macdonald in some places.
   He also concentrated on his new tool autogsdoc. Fixed bugs and added
   some control over the chapter layout. The UnixFileHandle now also
   understands and can work with zlib.
   Fred Kiefer added two methods to NSPopUpButtonCell. And changed a lot
   in the NSScrollView.m file.
   Ludovic Marcotte send in a lot of patches for e.g. NSTabView,
   NSClipView and NSTextContainer.
   Gregory John Casamento implemented bodies of methods for NSSelection.
   The behaviour implemented is identical to that observed when testing
   NSSelection under OPENSTEP with the exception that I have replaced the
   word "NeXT" with "GNUstep" in the selection marker descriptions.
   Again a new release of GNUMail.app and the Pantomime library.
   Dennis Leeuw


   1. http://www.gnustep.org/developers/tasks.html

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