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Re: Segfault with GWorkspace ( again )

From: jordan muscott
Subject: Re: Segfault with GWorkspace ( again )
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 15:53:19 +0100

On Mon, 2 Sep 2002 16:38:15 +0200
Fabien VALLON <address@hidden> wrote:

>jordan muscott (address@hidden) a écrit:
>> hi all - 
>> i mentioned this a few weeks ago, but didn't get a solution, and now ive
>> come back to it..
>> basically i get a segfault when launching GWorkspace.app. I build the
>> following from the source tarballs:
>> gnustep-back-0.8.0
>> gnustep-base-1.4.0
>> gnustep-gui-0.8.0
>> gnustep-make-1.4.0
>> gnustep-objc-1.2.2
>> GWorkspace-0.3.6
>Could you try with GW with the CVS version: 
>co gworkspace 

ok - but er, i get the following error:

co: RCS/gworkspace,v: No such file or directory

(sorry - i have to admit i've never really RTFM with cvs, just copied commands, 
so i don't really know whats going on..)

>You probably need a recent gnustep-gui (require NSSound)
>or comment it in the GNUmakefile

would the unstable release gnustep-gui-0.81 posted on gnustep.org on 1st sept 
be ok?

regards, jordan.

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