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Re: gcc 3.2 warnings ?

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Re: gcc 3.2 warnings ?
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 20:49:59 +0200

>> This is definitely a bug in the compiler - I think the C cast code has
>> been modified in the compiler without taking into account ObjC.  I can 
>> that the compiler is not doing the cast; at a quick glance at the code, 
>> think it's probably trying to optimize away unneeded casts, and because
>> 'id' and 'id<NGStream>' look the same to C (they are just the same
>> pointer, if you forget about the protocol attached to the second one), 
>> cast is optimized away.
>> I'll try to have it fixed before GCC 3.3 is out.
>Excellent. I think this bug is also in MacOSX gcc 3.1.

Could you please also file a bugreport with Apple on this? 

>   Helge

greetings, Lars (na, gut nach Hause gekommen?)

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