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From: Fabien VALLON
Subject: projects
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 14:59:47 +0200
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Hi steppers

I'm working on differents projects : 
this is pre-CVS or just simple test 

you can find all at http://gnustep-apps.org/fabien/

It include :
-preCVS/proto Workspace Inspector
-Inoa (with Vicent Ricard) : an Address Book (vcard)
-another point of view of what GUI should be for MusicBox 
(Yen wants a browser/encoder/burner/make coffe apps & i just want the iTune
smartplaylist feature) (we need to have other point of view :)
-MyTar (a port/rewrite of FreeTar (MOSX)) 
-some Preferneces modules
-NeXTOGO port ( Nicolas Road lobbying) 
-a ToyViewer port (I'm moving to Gorm) 
-http://gnustep-news.org/ (Dennis Leeuw & others)
I like the layout but I'm not sure about the colors :)

All are not really usable but feedbacks are good.

I would like to thanks all -make -gui -base ... developpers 
to the great jobs.
Port are not too difficult.
&  the great proggress in Gorm last weeks too (thx PY,Greg & Richard) 

There are still few bugs (class editor & Save) , but well it works.


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