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AppWrappers folders [was: Re: GNUstep directory layout]

From: Martin Brecher
Subject: AppWrappers folders [was: Re: GNUstep directory layout]
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 23:43:06 +0200

Hi all, -

>> The split between App and Tool is not a clear one but gives the user an idea
>> what he might expect and probably what is expected from him/her. For Tools he
>> needs to get to the console, for Apps he can say in his save graphical
>> interface. It's all about user perspective, not if it is technically or
>> syntactically right.
>The problem with perspective is that everyone has one. :)  If we name or 
>organise things by perspective, no one will agree, I'm sure. :)
>To throw an OS X wrench into the works, there's also "utilities".  This 
>is an organisational grouping under the Applications directory in OS X, 
>where things like Disk Copy, CPU Monitor, and Audio MIDI Setup reside 
>(can you tell I'm casting a glance at my Jaguar box? ;))

This brings me to another point I have been thinking about recently: 
Application Wrapprs - and where to put them.
Usually all GNUstep apps go to <Domain>/Applications; with GWorkspace Enrico 
introduced wrapper scripts to be able to a) launch 
x11 programs from GNUstep and b) associate file types with X11 programs. 
Currently, the recommended or usual way is to put these 
wrappers into the Application folders.

But I think that will - sooner or later - lead to problems. Imagine having an 
application server on a heterogenous network. By concept 
GNUstep is targeted at running several operating systems; thus, the GNUstep 
application bundles can contain binaries for several 
architectures and library combos. But the X11 wrapper scripts will only work 
for unix/x11 systems; win32 users will possibly be 
confused why they can't open Netscape.app... Also you don't want to have a 
MSWord.app wrapper on your unix box, do you? :)

Thus, I propose having special defined subfolders within the Application 
directories: e.g. X11Applications, Win32Applications etc 
containing the wrappers for the native programs of different systems.


"Allen ist das Denken erlaubt, vielen bleibt es erspart." (Kurt Goetz)

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