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class list improperly terminated

From: F. Heitkamp
Subject: class list improperly terminated
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 14:12:07 -0400
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No matter what I can't seem to get rid of this error. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, different compilers etc. Nothing has

/usr/GNUstep/Local/Applications/GNUMail.app/ix86/linux-gnu/gnu-gnu-gnu/GNUMail: Uncaught exception NSInternalInconsistencyException, reason: class list improperly terminated

This error comes from the file NSUnarchiver.m at
    692       if (info != _GSC_NONE)
    693         {
    694           [NSException raise: NSInternalInconsistencyException
    695               format: @"class list improperly terminated"];
    696         }
    697       return;
    698     }

Can anyone explain or point me to a explaination of what could be going
wrong?  What is being unarchived?  Is this function ultimately depending
on some external library?

This is what I used to compile GNUStep:

GNU assembler 2.12.90 20020501
gcc (GCC) 3.2


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