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Re: GNUstep directory layout

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Re: GNUstep directory layout
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 07:44:30 +0200

Hi Richard,

It took me some time to get a grip of what you are saying, and to figure out
where I went wrong with my idea of /Network (the GNUSTEP_NETWORK_ROOT).

> I'm referring to the location described by the GNUSTEP_NETWORK_ROOT
> environment variable, which was introduced as a place to store
> applications
> and resources provided on client machines by a network server.
> Traditionally
> this location has defaulted to /usr/GNUstep/Network

Yep, that is exactly what I have in mind, but I do recognice situations where
one, let's call it: Resource-Server, per network isn't sufficient, so how are
you gonna store the other Resource-Server(s)?

> This has nothing to do with the /Net directory in NeXTstep, where peer
> machines
> (and the local host) available on the network are to be found.

Okay that is my misunderstanding of the NeXT manual, I guess, they "mount"
something like AppleTalk nodes in /Net (or should I call it rendezvous). Than
this is not what I meant.

Personally I don't care how the local-system (workstation or not, but the one
with the /Network), get's his resources. It might be through NFS, AppleTalk,
smbmount, RendezVous, IPX. To me it is just a network resource mounted on the
local-system in a directory that tells me that it is coming from the network.
Which might be from a server or from another host. I don't care. I, as a
user, just want the resources to be available.

> The /Net directory is irrelevant to the GNUstep software ... its
> contents are
> not searched for apps to run, and apps running on the local machine don't
> use anything from within the /Net directory.  There is therefore no
> particular
> point in defining this as part of the GNUstep filesystem structure.
> I think that Apple combines the two concepts so that the /Net directory
> from
> NeXTstep is now /Network/Servers, but in other respects the Apple setup
> seems

Which imho should then be /Network/Hosts... but now that is something
completely different (the large)

> to be the same as the existing GNUstep one (ie the Networks directory
> contains
> subdirectories like Applications, Library etc).

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