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Re: GNUstep directory layout

From: Martin Brecher
Subject: Re: GNUstep directory layout
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 01:17:25 +0200

Hi all, -

>Actually, if there is no Developer domain, then there really is less 
>restraint. There is nothing that prevents anyone from adding a Developer 
>domain (user, sysadmin, and/or package maintainer) and installing stuff 
>there. Making the Developer domain mandatory actually reduces the 
>flexibility that people have to put things where they want.

There are a few arguments for sticking with the regular domains for developer 
files, too.
1. Headers chould be in the Library folder, it's near to the Libraries dir - 
and headers should always be installed (they don't take much 
space either). A lot of Linux distributions spilt libraries into two packages, 
the one with the library/tools and another '-devel' one 
containing headers, etc. On Linux/BSD/*nix systems you are forced to search for 
the devel packages of a lot of imporant libs the first 
time you just want to compile some simple program - that's annoying: the 
development files are an essential part of the unix system (that's 
different for OS X, though).
2. Within the Library directory we could create a Developer folder containing 
examples and maybe documentation. So 'normal users' 
won't stumble over it when searching the Documentation folder for help.
3. On OS X you already have the e.g. Utilities subfolder within Applications. I 
guess it wouldn't be so unlogical to have a Developer 
folder within the Applications directory on GNUstep. (Apart from the extra 
ApplicationWrappers and maybe Administration subfolders, 
4. Since tools are used from the command line anyway, it doesn't matter whether 
they reside in [Sys|Loc|Net]/Tools or Developer/Tools 


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