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Re: Missing export in libobjc.def

From: Roland Schwingel
Subject: Re: Missing export in libobjc.def
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 13:36:00 +0200
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Hello Nicola...

Thanks for your reply.
I am using gnustep-objc. Adding the line to the libobjc.def is enough for me using it. I am compiling always that way
(the only way I found to compile it correctly for mingw32 using cygwin)

make target=i386-mingw32 shared=yes LN_S="ln -s" \
SHARED_LD_PREFLAGS="--driver-flags=\"-mno-cygwin -mdll -Wl,--enable-stdcall-fixup\" --target=i386-mingw32 --export-all-symbols"


export CC="gcc"
export CFLAGS="-mno-cygwin"
export CPPFLAGS="-mno-cygwin"

set before


Nicola Pero wrote:

> Hi...
> I don't know whether this is the correct place or not for libobjc issues...
> But I will mention it anyway...
> I think there is missing an export in libobjc.def of the gnu runtime
> objc_set_error_handler
> Elsewise you can't access this (very useful) function from within a
> windows dll.
> Who can add this line?

Are you using gnustep-objc or GCC's libobjc ?

I can add it to gnustep-objc, but I think we then also need to add
objc_EXPORT to the declaration of objc_set_error_handler to actually be
able to use it.  :-)

I could also add it to GCC's libobjc, but I wonder if anyone is using that
on windows.

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