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NSFontPanel problem

From: derek
Subject: NSFontPanel problem
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 11:48:51 -0700

I want my NSFontPanel to only display fixed-pitch fonts, so I use a delegate 
of my NSFontManager and implement the fontManager:willIncludeFont: method 
using the isFixedPitch method of NSFont. However, a few unexpected things 
1, If I click a font family that isn't fixed-pitch, an NSRangeException will 
be raised.
2, None of my bitmap font can pass the isFixedPitch test, Even fonts like 
"fixed" or "clean". However, my scalable monospace fonts can pass.
gnustep-gui-0.80 and gnustep-base-1.40 are used.
IMHO, if no member of a font family can pass through the filter, the font 
family shouldn't be displayed in the first place. Also, can somebody enlight 
me why "char-cell" fonts are not fixed-pitch? 
Another annoying thing is when I choose a bitmap font with an unavailable 
font size, system fixed font is returned. A more apropriate way is to return 
the closest available size of this font. An even better way is to only list 
those available sizes. 
BTW: Is it possible to filter fonts based on font types, eg. bitmap or 
Many thanks

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