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Re: GNUstep icons

From: Tim Harrison
Subject: Re: GNUstep icons
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 23:03:50 -0400
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Chris B. Vetter wrote:

I've been wondering about a related question: GNUstep copies the NeXT look and feel extensively. Had there ever been any issue with Apple about that? They have certainly been protective of their Aqua interface. Perhaps they just don't really care about the old look?

Heh, imagine Microsoft being protective of Windows' look ... how many
window manager(s) would be in trouble?

Well, the problem is, Apple has shown a willingness to go after people who make Aqua-like interfaces, whereas Microsoft hasn't done anything of the sort. I suppose the argument could be made that if the knockoff interface works enough like the original, it would potentially make people more comfortable with the original interface, and they might be more inclined to use the original over the knockoff. Who knows what other nefarious thoughts lurk in the minds of [insert favourite nefarious company].

I think Apple is less concerned with an interface they consider "dead" than with their current "groundbreaking" interface design. They want to maintain their brand identity. I can see that, I suppose. The NeXT interface style and visual representation are no longer supported, have not been supported for years, and are just no longer relevant to Apple (visually, at least). They really don't have any need to put up a stink about the visual properties of a UI they consider to be outdated, unsupported, and just plain not in use (no matter how much you argue, and correctly, that Aqua works, in many ways, similarly).

Just my CDN$0.02 (USD$0.0126815 EUR0.0129635).


Tim Harrison

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