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Re: The Path of GNUstep (Was: Re: Gnustep + mac + windows?)

From: Andreas Heppel
Subject: Re: The Path of GNUstep (Was: Re: Gnustep + mac + windows?)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:14:22 +0200

On 2002-09-24 13:44:56 +0200 Philippe C.D. Robert <address@hidden> wrote:

On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Pascal Bourguignon wrote:
Anyway,  I can  think of  dozens of  programs to  write  before adding
themes...  For example, a  MS-Windows backend would probably have more
impact on potential users of GNUstep.

Why this?
Because there lots of Windows users and developers who might be interested in a 
framework that is easy to use _and_ portable.
Coming from the Windows world, I know the existing frameworks there and know 
now how much easier it is to do a graphical application using the GNUstep 
framework than using C++ and the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) or 
Borland's frameworks. Not to mention the fact that they cost lots of money.
Tell those Windows developers how easy it is to learn Objective-C and how easy 
GNUstep development is, and even if only a very small fraction starts to 
develop using GNUstep this will be a lot, because there are millions and 
millions Windows developers out there.

...hence this discussion is IMHO wasted bandwidth...:-)
I agree.


Andreas Heppel

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