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Re[5]: Gnustep + mac + windows?)

From: Manuel Guesdon
Subject: Re[5]: Gnustep + mac + windows?)
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 11:04:57 +0200 (CEST)


On Thu, 26 Sep 2002 08:57:45 +0200 Saibot <address@hidden> wrote:
 >| Lots of people don't care about GUI, backends, ... Sure.
 >| Now, another lot of people do. What is your point?

Just that: there different kind of need. WIth a constant number of developers, 
if we put 
more effort on a thing, we put less effort on another.

 >| > Another thought is that GNUstep like lots of 'free' projects is based on
 >| people interests. If someone want a feature,
 >| > it code it. If he's the only one who want it and don't want to make it,
 >| the feature never come. I think GNustep is like
 >| > this: people have different interests and desire and make things to follow
 >| that. Windows people and Mac OS X
 >| > ones may choose to be interested and participate to GNUstep development
 >| but why one should do it for them ?
 >| Because not everyone who desires a feature has the ability or time to do it.
 >| I've seen quite a lot of people on this list ask about windows or mac os x
 >| compatibility. GNustep, like most open source software, is made to be used.
 >| Users of something don't have to be developers of that thing too. 

I agree but the discussion was also on 'users' which are developpers

 >| If you
 >| were developing a multimedia application and a user asks about a loop
 >| fonctionality, would you complain "why should I do it for him"? You'd either
 >| code it or not or someone else would, or not. If you got 100s of requests
 >| for that feature, you might consider implementing it although you wouldn't
 >| use it yourself...

Right if I have time to do it and nothing 'more urgent' to do. But I'll try to 
if people for which I'll write the feature will really use it or not :-)

 >| People subscribe to this list to stay in touch with what happens on GNustep,
 >| GNustep developers and GNustep users. I don't think replying to a feature
 >| request with "do it yourself" and "a group of people is not interested in
 >| that feature" is very constructive... 

I was just saying that things are not coded by themselves. And developers works 
what they like/need/want.

 >| Now, tell me why you think a windows
 >| GUI would be a bad thing (or a bad thing to do now). That would be
 >| interesting...

I thing a windows GUI is a really good thing but _may be_ there's other more 
interesting thing to do before. Windows GUI point come every few monthes on the 
list so if some people want to code it, that's perfect for me. If not.... wait 
& see.

 >| > I've followed many Mac OS people discussion and near the only thing I've
 >| seen is, to summary: "Is GNustep ready
 >| > so we can use it without participation to it's coding ? No, it don't have
 >| this or that. Okay, I'll check next year if it
 >| > willMany of t be ready.". They seems to don't care about all Apple trashed
 >| 'standards' and other forgotten projects. New
 >| > marketing orientation is always better :-(
 >| I don't care if Apple trashed "standards" either, why would I? I'm a
 >| developer of applications, not a developer of "standards". If their trash
 >| suits me and makes my life easier, I don't have no problem with that. 

I was talking about "great things" announced by Apple, followed by developpers 
and next no more supported because they found a new  "great thing". If you 
have problem with that, I'm happy for you. I don't care either when it have no
impact on my job.

 >| But people don't stick to someplace because of the tools (most don't
 >| anyway), windows developers keep working on windows because that's where the
 >| money is. You just can't deny that 90% of people use windows, so developers
 >| develop stuff for windows...

I deny nothing. If users are happy using windows and developpers enjoy 
developing for it, 
that's great. I just find some things very strange...

 >| You don't have to try and make people switch to unix or GNustep. Andreas
 >| said "Windows developers could be interested in GNustep, if they joined it
 >| would help". Nobody's saying you have to try and convert them. Just that if
 >| GNustep had a windows GUI, more people would join, which would be good for
 >| GNustep.

_If_ some people want to develop windows GUI and _if_ people start to use 
GNUstep on windows, 
I think it will be great. I'm not against windows GUI.

 >| > BTW, GNUstep will now be used to make postscripts files to print SNCF
 >| (French national railway company) official
 >| > trains/hours indicators for Paris and it's region. No GUI, just base
 >| classes and GNustepWeb :-)
 >| Cool, I hope it works better than the SNCF, wouldn't be very fun if that
 >| application decided to go on strike every other week ;-)

SNCF works well between 2 strikes :-)


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