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Re: Problems with Terminal.app

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Problems with Terminal.app
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 21:09:07 +0200

Andreas Heppel wrote:
> Hi there,
> I just tried out Terminal.app and it looks really promising,
> but I have one major problem. As I am using a German keyboard,
> some characters (I am talking about pipe (|) and tilde (~) in
> particular) are only available in combination with the right Alt
> key (that is AltGr on a German keyboard). Unfortunately, that
> does not work in Terminal.app or I am doing something wrong. And
> as those characters have a very special meaning in a shell I
> cannot reasonably use Terminal.app. Anyone out there who can
> halp me?

If you're using the default key bindings for GNUstep, GNUstep will treat
the right alt key as 'alternate'. Thus, Terminal.app sees eg. '|' as
alternate-'|'. You can use GSTest.app's keyboard input test to see this.

The solution is to not use the right alt key as both Mode_switch (for X)
and alternate (for GNUstep). The
GS{First,Second}{Alternate,Command,Control}Key default keys control
this, and you can use Preferences.app to change them. (I use my right
alt key as Mode_switch, my left alt key as alternate, and have command
mapped to another key.)Andreas Heppel wrote:

- Alexander Malmberg

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