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Re: Problems with Terminal.app

From: Andreas Heppel
Subject: Re: Problems with Terminal.app
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 10:16:27 +0200

On 2002-09-28 21:09:07 +0200 Alexander Malmberg <address@hidden> wrote:

Andreas Heppel wrote:

Hi there,
I just tried out Terminal.app and it looks really promising,
but I have one major problem. As I am using a German keyboard,
some characters (I am talking about pipe (|) and tilde (~) in
particular) are only available in combination with the right Alt
key (that is AltGr on a German keyboard). Unfortunately, that
does not work in Terminal.app or I am doing something wrong. And
as those characters have a very special meaning in a shell I
cannot reasonably use Terminal.app. Anyone out there who can
halp me?

If you're using the default key bindings for GNUstep, GNUstep will treat
the right alt key as 'alternate'. Thus, Terminal.app sees eg. '|' as
alternate-'|'. You can use GSTest.app's keyboard input test to see this.

The solution is to not use the right alt key as both Mode_switch (for X)
and alternate (for GNUstep). The
GS{First,Second}{Alternate,Command,Control}Key default keys control
this, and you can use Preferences.app to change them. (I use my right
alt key as Mode_switch, my left alt key as alternate, and have command
mapped to another key.)Andreas Heppel wrote:

- Alexander Malmberg

Thanks. This kind of works. I say 'kind of' because every time I hit the right 
Alt key, now, it beeps, which is absolutely annoying. If I start Terminal from 
an xterm I can see the message 'KeySym No Symbol not found; disabling 
GSSecondAlternateKey' the first time I hit a key. What is the meaning of that?
Another question. Where do I find GSTest.app?

Andreas Heppel

Mail: mailto:aheppel at web dot de
Home: http://www.andreasheppel.de
GSburn.app: http://gsburn.sourceforge.net

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