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Object environment for windows question

From: Stefan Urbanek
Subject: Object environment for windows question
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 11:18:09 +0100

Hi all,

As a part of my thesis is going to be a simulation tool for multi-agent 
systems. Besides other key features it has to be easy to use and understandable 
by non-computer literate and it has to work also on Windows, because most of 
targeted people are using them. Environment I would like to use has to be OO 
(for me) and easy to install (for the user). I am considering GNUstep, some 
Smalltalk distribution, Squeak and Swarm. Swarm is using ObjectiveC and tcl/tk 
interface, so it works fine with windows and has single .exe installation file. 
Squeak also works with windows, but it is like 'big monster', it runs in one 
window with its own UI.

I would prefere GNUstep, because I am familiar with it and it provides me 
almost everything I need except portability to windows. I do not have 
experience with windows programing so I would like to ask what is the state of 
Windows backend? How it is usable?

Another question: how is it difficult for non-developer to install GNUstep? Is 
there any self extracting GNUstep-install.exe?

My another reason for using GNUstep instead of some another environment 
(althought GS may not be the best choice for such thing) is that I whould like 
to 'advertise' GNUstep and to show that it can be also used for scientific 

Any help and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,

Swarm: http://www.swarm.org
Squeak: http://www.squeak.org

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