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Re: gcc 3.1 OK for gnustep?

From: Jim McLoughlin
Subject: Re: gcc 3.1 OK for gnustep?
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 08:51:24 -0700


This sounds similar to my experience from Friday. I was uusing gcc30
after 32 didnt work properly. But I am still having problems now,
was considering moving to using gcc 3.3 to try and get them going.

How recent is your CVSup code ?

I have always used gcc3.0 in the past under FreeBSD and it has worked
perfectly. That would be my copiler of choice, except that it isnt
working with the most recent CVSup. I have been trying to build some
of the code with "debug=yes" and that causes GCC to crash in GSXML !

What packages did you install for libxl, and what copile options did you
give them ? I'm tryying to work out what changed between my working
code last week and the non working coode thhis week (I did a complete
re-install of the system in between, as well as doing a CVSup)

Unfortunately I don't recall what the exact packages I used were. I'm actually now working mainly in Debian on my tiBook.

If I have a chance at home, I will get on my FreeBSD box and check the version of all the supporting packages (libxml, etc). I don't recall using any special compile options, I mainly used make install in the ports system. My sources were from a while ago (6 - 8 weeks), so it was not a recent change that caused the problems. Maybe 3.1 was never a proper gcc to use?

To answer my own question, the updated unix build guide now says that > 3.2 is required.


Jim M

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