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ANNOUNCE: netclasses 0.99

From: Andy Ruder
Subject: ANNOUNCE: netclasses 0.99
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 16:10:34 -0600
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I'm pleased to announce the release of netclasses 0.99

CHANGES from 0.98
   Bug fixes in IRCObject.m
      Netclasses is an easy to use socket interface written in Objective-C with
      GNUstep.  While netclasses is not specifically designed for any one 
      protocol, this distribution comes with everything needed for TCP/IP.  
      Adding new protocols should not be difficult with the strictly 
      protocol-based object-oriented design.  Netclasses seamlessly integrates 
      into NSRunLoop which means it requires very little code outside of the 
      actual connection object.  In other words, if you interface at all with 
      NSRunLoop, netclasses will require no added code besides the setting up 
      of ports.  Netclasses supports multiple ports that can each spawn a 
      different connection object.  The TCP/IP system has support for 
      initiating a connection.  Also, everything is event-based so speed
      is very good.

      This is not a real library, it is merely a few source files you can add 
      to your project.  

      The release contains:

      IRCBot: the name speaks for itself
      EchoServ: a simple tool using netclasses
      Documentation: gsdoc'd documentation describing how to use netclasses
      Source: the four source files you can add to your project

      All of this is available from:


      and the slower yet bannerless version


      Andy Ruder

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