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Re: Class documentation templates (in autogsdoc)

From: Chris B . Vetter
Subject: Re: Class documentation templates (in autogsdoc)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 10:47:24 -0800

On 2002-11-13 12:06:42 -0800 Stefan Urbanek <address@hidden> wrote:
I do not like the current layout of generated class html files. I would like to:
- add some css

AFAIK, CSS won't work on file:/path/to/docu/class.html, only in connection with a web server, since it's specified as <link ... /> or @import url()

- remove the author from the top - it is not necessary to have it there, better thing wuold be to have one 'credits' file or to have all authors in the top documentation file

It is. Class A may be written by Paul, Class B written by Peter, but the framework
is written by both.

- put the copyright to the bottom
- remove the 'Contents' section from class documentation

Use a template and don't specify the contents.

How can I specify a template for a class.html file? Or is there some other way how I can do that?

Write a MyClass.igsdoc and add it to myproject_AGSDOC_FILES.
Take a look at the 'documentation' that comes with autogsdoc.

Moreover, how can I get rid of parenthesis around protocol names in the protocol index?

I don't think you can unless you 'patch' autogsdoc.


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