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The good, the bad...

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: The good, the bad...
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:33:27 +0100

...and gone is the ugly.

Hi all,

The good news is I updated http://www.gnustep.net/ with a new look,
which I kindly stole from gnustep.org.
This way the sites seem more related. I should have done this long ago,
but and that is the bad news, I am loaded with work. I really had the
intention to keep gnustep.net up to date, and to keep on writing the
editorial. But you all must have noticed that I failed to do that.

So I made a decision, for now, I will try to maintain gnustep.net. If
however someone else steps forward, I will gladly handover the
maintenance. Yes, this is a call for volenteers...

Next, I will not continue the editorial. I liked the work, but it is too
time consuming to do it right.

And to end this mail in a positive manner, I will keep on maintaining
the Build Guide and the System Overview document. And I will put more
effort in the PKGmake stuff.

Sorry for the bad news.


Dennis Leeuw

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