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how to load .gmodel file?

From: Naomaru Itoi
Subject: how to load .gmodel file?
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 21:08:58 -0800


Great job in the project ... Thanks.

I am trying to port a program written with Cocoa on MacOSX (really simple program ... actually the CurrencyConverter sample) to GNUstep on Solaris.  I am trying to convert MainMenu.nib directory (and three .nib files in it) with nib2gmodel, but am not successful yet.

When I run nib2gmodel on MainMenu.nib directory, it succeeds to generate a file, which is a XML file and does not look like a .gmodel file (.gmodel files I find in GNUstep packages aren't XML files). 

When I run nib2gmodel on MainMenu.nib/classes.nib, I get "An uncaught exception was raised.  Cannot load 2.x-style .nib files."  And it doesn't generate any .gmodel files.

Hence the questions.

- Is my nib2gmodel is doing what it's supposed to do?  Or do I have installation/configuration problem?
- Is nib2gmodel-0.8.0 self-contained?  Or do I need to install libraries like gnustep-core, gnuste-gui, etc.?  When I installed nib2gmodel on MacOS X, it didn't complain about library dependencies, so I didn't install anything other than itself.

- Should I run nib2gmodel on the directory (MainMenu.nib), or the file (MainMenu.nib/classes.nib)?
- Am I missing something else?

I will greatly appreciate any help and advice.

Thank you.

Concentration ... Naomaru Itoi

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