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Re: ANN: base/make Version 1.5.1

From: Mirko Viviani
Subject: Re: ANN: base/make Version 1.5.1
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 22:13:02 -0000

Marcel Weiher <address@hidden> ha scritto:

> >    * Framework support rewritten, also supports multiple names.
> >    * API change: Replace frameowork's xxx_TOOLS by xxx_COPY_INTO_DIR.
> >    * Unified link commands between libraries and frameworks
> >      (LIB_LINK_*).
> Are frameworks supported now?  The last I heard (hi Helge!), frameworks 
> weren't really supported, you instead had to use either a library or a 
> bundle.

I'm a little tired to heard the same thing over time without constructive
help. Frameworks are supported in a similar way of the OS/Enterprise for NT
version with a framework bundle similar to the OS/Mach version, a link in
the libraries dir (that is added in the linker library path) that point
inside a framework, the same thing for the header directory and a class
automatically generated that contains the list of all framework classes, its
version and its installed path on disk.

This is all what we can do. To fully support framework in the way of OS/Mach
we have to modify gcc, ld and the system dynamic-linker but how you could
imagine this is a bit fantasious. At least we could emulate -F and -framework
from gnustep-make.

Recently I have added support to check frameworks linked togheter and Nicola
has used dladdr() to retrieve the framework's library on the fly.
Unfortunately this does not work on all systems and it didn't work for
me some years ago on freebsd... I haven't tested it yet so I don't know if
the things are changed.

That's all.


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