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Re: ANN: base/make Version 1.5.1

From: Mirko Viviani
Subject: Re: ANN: base/make Version 1.5.1
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 18:56:06 -0000

Marcel Weiher <address@hidden> ha scritto:

> My question was not a criticism, but a genuine question, mixed with 
> pleasant surprise that possibly my information about them not being 
> supported was not current any longer.

Ok, sorry !

> > This is all what we can do. To fully support framework in the way of 
> > OS/Mach
> What is missing then?  Just the automatic search of framework 
> subdirectories for headers and shared libs?

The frameworks linked in an applications must reside in the
FRAMEWORK_INSTALL_DIR that you set in the makefile to let NSBundle finding
its resources.
The exception to this is a dladdr() working correctly that let moving the
framework in another dir without a ricompilation.

>  From what I hear the status is:
> - frameworks work just as expected
> - the only exception is automatic searching for headers and shared libs 
> inside framework directories
> - the workaround for that part is symbolic links in the libs and 
> include directories.

Yes with the limitation above.

> > Recently I have added support to check frameworks linked togheter

A framework could depends to another one (linked with LIBRARIES_DEPEND_UPON),
so when you load it dynamically NSBundle check for multiple NSFramework_*
classes to create respective bundles.

> > and Nicola
> > has used dladdr() to retrieve the framework's library on the fly.
> Treating a framework like a bundle and loading it dynamically?

This was already possible, now if the system supports it we can get its
path correctly without using the static ivar of NSFramework_xxx

Anyhow there are yet some problems/bugs:

1. If you load a framework dynamically in +load you haven't ready the list
   of classes.
2. Loading a framework that uses GSXML (that is in a bundle) with OCUnit,
   it classes are in the list of the framework classes. (if I remember


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