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the art backend and font

From: Derek Zhou
Subject: the art backend and font
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 11:56:28 -0800

My beef about gnustep was the way it handle fonts and text. The xlib backend 
cannot use all the fonts that I have, and try to use some fonts that I 
actually don't have, and no AA. etc. Now we have this promising art backend, 
but then I am required to hack up an nfont package for each of my fonts, and 
put them under the GNUstep directory? Why can't we just behave like everybody 
else (KDE2, GNOME2), and use whatever provided by X? Being 100% OPENSTEP 
compatible is pointless, I'd rather have something usable sooner.  
Sorry for flaming. 

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