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Re: GSWeb state?

From: David Wetzel
Subject: Re: GSWeb state?
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 23:55:40 +0100

Philip M├Âtteli wrote:

> May I ask, what the status of GSWeb is? Is it usable in a production 
> environment?

look at http://shop.turbocat.de/ for a demo. (german only)
A detailed description of this is available in (german only) on our web site.

> I heard, that the 'Monitor' is not so performant, like the one from 
> Apple. What are the problems or what is missing, if one wants to use it 
> in a production environment?

Currently, there is no monitor. But I have build in some support for WOStats.
You should join the GSWHackers list to discuss GSWeb stuff if you want to get
into this.

to subscribe mail to gswhackers-request(AT)turbocat.de with body:subscribe


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