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GDL2 module for StepTalk

From: Stefan Urbanek
Subject: GDL2 module for StepTalk
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:50:58 +0100


I have added GDL2 module for StepTalk (in CVS). It makes all GDL classes 
accessible from scripts. Constants are not included, let me know about which 
constants have to be included.


To install it go to the Modules/GDL2 and do:
 > make
 > make install

To use it you have several options. First one is that in a script or in a shell 
you use:
Environment loadModule:'GDL2'

second is that you create a file Library/StepTalk/Environments/GDL2.stenv (see 
attached file) with contents similar to this:
   Name = "GDL2";
   Modules = (GDL2);
   Use = ("Foundation");

and on commandline you use:
 > stexec -env GDL2 script_name
stshell -env GDL2
defaults write STDefaultEnvironmentDescriptionName GDL2
and you do not have to specify -env GDL2

Let me know if something goes wrong or if you have some comments or 
suggestions. All GDL2 example/tutorial scripts are velcome.

Have a nice day,



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