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Strange Gorm/ProjectCenter behaviour ... bug?

From: void_s
Subject: Strange Gorm/ProjectCenter behaviour ... bug?
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 19:55:44 +0900


I was just trying to do the gnustep.it tutorial on how to use Gorm
with ProjectCenter, and encountered something which broke my
experience irreversably :/

The problem is in any editing field, when the escape key is pressed,
the program inputs the escape key into the field as a little
dotted-outline square. This takes up space in the string, is part of
the string, but neither backspace, nor the mouse selection, nor
delete will erase it.
So I ended up with CurrencyConverter\^[.pbproj , in the
CurrencyConverter\^[ directory which even my shell had trouble
showing up correctly.
This isn't too tragic in just the text fields, I mean, I could just
not press escape, right?
But it also does the same evil trick in the class editor within
ProjectBuilder ... and I use vim as my editor, so often press escape
by mistake ...

Why can't I erase these characters, and why are they showing up in
the first place?

FYI: I have a logitech cordless keyboard which occasionally also
manages to trigger an escape char by itself due to some sync messages
being misinterpreted by linux.

Thanks in advance,


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