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Re: GNUstep roadmap (was Re: [Suggestion] GNUstep-test for quality contr

From: Philip Mötteli
Subject: Re: GNUstep roadmap (was Re: [Suggestion] GNUstep-test for quality control)
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 12:48:49 +0100

Am 01.11.2003 um 11:03 schrieb Jason Clouse:
On 2003-10-26 10:38:40 +0100 Philip Mötteli <address@hidden> wrote:
Drawers, Toolbars, Sheets?

If there's demand for it, I think, we soon gonna see a version for Linux.

There's demand for it.  I talked to the guys who wrote Hydra

I know Hydra. It's a very nice and impressive thing! I met the guys personnally in Lausanne. But I don't call that demand so far. Sorry. They could perhaps create something, that I would call a demand, by collecting also the demand, they would have on the Windows world after having ported their product. But here, the snake bytes its own queue.

(now SubEthaEdit) and at first he was fascinated that he could just compile Objective-C code and have it run under Linux.

So he just learned that now.

But then he found out that it didn't have Rendezvous or Drawers, and he just said "forget it." People coming from the OS X world design their stuff with that in mind,

If they don't know, that GS exists! And if they don't want to make money with it! So the Hydra group just got to know that now that something like GS exists and as far as I remember, they are also a University research group. And at least here in Europe, a lot of research is done without cash in mind. So they were neiter informed nor did they want to make cash with it initially. Then I wouldn't care myself, too.

then they find out GNUstep doesn't have it and they're not interested anymore.

I think, if they would try to go back in time, when they started thinking about Hydra and somebody would have told them: "Hey guys, first of all, I promise you, that you could build a busines on top of it and second just by not using drawers, you could earn 10 times more." I think they would have implemented it differently. Of course now, it might be too much work, to redesign and reimplement the whole thing and of course the RV problem persists anyway.


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