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Re: Compiling on Darwin

From: John Davidorff Pell
Subject: Re: Compiling on Darwin
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 23:37:31 -0800

Ok, just to make sure, the gnu-runtime is NOT on a stock panther system at all and will NOT be built with gcc if I follow the instructions in the machine-specific file, right?

Ok, then I'll go find the gnu runtime for objc.


P.S. Why doesn't the apple runtime work?

On Nov 2, 2003, at 7:36 PM, Adam Fedor wrote:

On Sunday, November 2, 2003, at 07:54 PM, John Davidorff Pell wrote:

I configured everything w/ --library-combo=gnu-gnu-gnu but it still says that the objc runtime is NeXT... I'm now compiling apple's gcc with the patch in the machine-specific instructions (change #define to #undef), but I am unwilling to trash my NeXT runtime, how do i install the GNU runtime (and why isn't it built by default? Even if disabled!?) without clobbering other stuff, and what does -fgnu-runtime/-fnext-runtime *actually* do?

You need


Is that what you did? Even so, you still need the GNU libobjc library, you can't use the apple one (particularly if you are using -fgnu-runtime). You could probably try downloading and installing gnustep-objc - hopefully the compiler will find that instead of the apple runtime.

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