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Re: Are we too serious these days? Let's go electing an officialm ascot.

From: M. Grabert
Subject: Re: Are we too serious these days? Let's go electing an officialm ascot.
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 03:49:41 +0000 (GMT)

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Alex Perez wrote:

> Instant runoff voting...Now if only my government were smart enough to
> institute such a plan!


Well it isn't - and look how satisfied you and your people are with
your government (mhh, actually this applies to all countries)!

My favourite mascot is still the Komodo dragon. However I'm happy
with any animal that describes attributes GNUstep in a way or another.

For that matter (and I could see the same spirit in other mails) I just
think there is nothing wrong with counting all votes to see which
one is the animal that is 'accepted' by most people.

If you would like to use a sophisticated voting algorithm, then you
are free to do so ;)

> Seriously, do you REALLY want a WHALE as your mascot? Just think of the
> jokes.....Big, lethargic (even though in reality they're not), you
> could make jokes about GNUstep beaching itself, then. What does a whale
> have to do with GNUstep?

Apart from eating penguins (as somebody else stated in the mailing list),
the orca is also called the "killer whale", and I really don't believe
that anybody would consider a orca as lethargic.

You could also rant about the tasmanian devil to be a creature that
stinks (emits unpleasant odor) when being under stress, but I like it

I also wonder why people chose a Tapir ... it is definitely a unique
animal of course, but man it is ugly - do you REALLY want such an
ugly animal represent GNUstep?
Just think about it: people would make assoziations of the looks of the
animal and the looks of the API! A tapir look like a mixture of a pig, and
elephant and a rhino (in fact they are related to rhinos and horses) and
doesn't remind me in any way of GNUstep!

greetings from Ireland
(the country that is said to have the most fair voting system),

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