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From: Björn Giesler
Subject: ANN:
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 16:21:52 +0100


Addresses 0.4.3 is out! 


Noteworthy changes:

o Drag-and-Drop rewritten, unified and much enhanced: People and properties can 
now be dragged from almost anywhere to almost everywhere
o New Goody: VCFViewer, a GWorkspace inspector for VCF files[1]. Allows 
dragging of people out of VCF files directly into AddressManager
o View classes cleaned up & delegatizified
o More bugs fixed

Addresses will be going at a much slower pace over the next few months, as I 
have a dissertation and a couple papers to write :-) I believe I'm almost done 
graphically, apart from a couple of configuration options like separating 
groups/people panel and person view window.

Please test away and inform me about any and all bugs you find; mails with "it 
works perfectly!" are also very welcome. Just please don't keep quiet if 
there's any breakage. I'd like to know if there are any bugs left, and get all 
of them out.

Regardless of pace, my next goals for Addresses are synchronization with 
dedicated address book servers and SyncML devices, and on-the-fly sharing of 


[1] Goodies aren't built by default! You have to cd to the Goodies directory 
and build them separately.

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