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newbie looking for books on GNUstep/Cocoa

From: Ralph Moeritz
Subject: newbie looking for books on GNUstep/Cocoa
Date: 5 Nov 2003 10:24:12 -0800

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie to Cocoa/GNUstep, but already proficient in Objective-C.
Does anyone know of any books on Cocoa that target programmers
already proficient in ObjC? I would hate to buy a 400 page book, only to
find that the first 200 pages or so are useless to me.  How much of the 
covered is Cocoa specific (ie. not relevant to GNUstep)? I would download
Apple's Cocoa reference, but the PDF file is 22Mb, which is too much for 
my old analog line to handle :-(

I've noticed that some header files have been moved from AppKit to
GNUstepGUI, why is this, and does it cause compatability problems with

Also, are there any plans to integrate Gorm & Renaissance ala 
Glade & libGlade? I would hate to have to choose...

Ralph Moeritz

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