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Re: The Poll ends! (Was: Are we too serious these days?)

From: Pablo Di Noto
Subject: Re: The Poll ends! (Was: Are we too serious these days?)
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2003 21:36:02 -0300
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What is his/her name?!?
The Next Poll!!

I suggest Skana.

'Skana' means 'Killer Whale' in the language of the Haida Indians of
British Columbia's northern coast, and as much of their culture and
legends revolved around this animal, I think it's a good fit.  Plus,
it sounds cool.
I really like it.
My vote for it.

Skana (too close to Skanky, an image we definitely don't want to associate with the API, or the programmers) Ora (too close to Oral, as in GNUstep sucks ****. That's typically a negative type of statement, conversationally)

Hey, aren´t we getting a little bit over-reaching with the sound-alikes?

Given the multicultural nature of GNUstep maybe we will never find a name that doesn´t sound like something funny/inapropriate in some language.

As an example, "Java" sounds very much like the argentinean spanish "ya vaa..": which is "I´m going..." in response to a "Hey, hurry up!". Many consider it appropriate it this case, though. :)


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