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running gdomap on a laptop

From: Santiago Fernandez
Subject: running gdomap on a laptop
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 20:47:23 +0000
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I have installed  GNUStep on my laptop. I'm completely  new to GNUStep
but I really like it and I find it very useful. I have noticed that my
laptop gets hotter  and consumes more battery since I  use GNUStep. In
fact, the  problem is that  the hard disk is  not put in  standby mode
anymore. I  checked which processes  where using  the hard disk  and I
found out that  gdomap was using it aproximately every  minute if some
"names" were  registered, preventing  the hard  disk from  entering in
standby  mode. I'm  running Debian/sid  packages of  GNUStep with  the
default options (gdomap -p).

Is there  any way of  preventing gdomap from  using the disk  so often
without making it unusable?


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