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Re: Saving image to a file.

From: Tima Vaisburd
Subject: Re: Saving image to a file.
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 22:06:55 -0800
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Adam Fedor wrote:

> There's a work-around now. Try something like this:
> NSBitmapImageRep *brep;
> [myImage lockFocus];
> brep = [NSBitmapImageRep alloc] initWithFocusedViewRect: someRect];
> [myImage unlockFocus];

> data = [brep TIFFRepresentation];

It worked for xlib backend. However, when using the art backend
-initWithFocusedViewRect: method threw an exception (gui/back 0.9.0):
      Uncaught exception WindowServerInternal, reason: subclass
      ARTContext(instance) should override GSReadRect:

Does anybody know how to make it work?
Thank you,

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