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Re: ProjectCenter menu items do nothing

From: Ralph Moeritz
Subject: Re: ProjectCenter menu items do nothing
Date: 14 Nov 2003 01:06:58 -0800

David Botsch <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...

> I get the ProjectCenter main menu. Go to Project - select New. The New
> menu item highlights and then immediately highlights. That's it. No
> dialog boxes pop up. Nothing. Try Project - Open. Same. Try File - Open.
> Same.
> In fact, the only menu items that do anything are:
> 1. Hide - the app hides itself
> 2. Quit - a quit dialog pops up, and I can select Yes and the app quits.

I had the same problem about two weeks ago. You should get ProjectCenter 0.3.6,
as this works fine. Get it from ftp://ftp.gnustep.org.


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