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Take over the projects

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Take over the projects
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 14:08:08 -0500


From now on, I will not be able to work on all the GNUstep projects I have worked on.
 Most of them are in savannah.org, including
 MusicBox (totally dead),
Hydroxide (doesn't work because Microsoft block 3rd-party messenger client),
 GNUstep Tutorial (documentation project).

If you are interested, I can add you as the project member so that you can access the CVS
 to keep it updated and improve it.
Or even hand over the project admin, though I don't know how to do that yet.

 As for the StepBox, I do think it can go furthur.
 Some part of it I think is quite useful for InterfaceWM
 and can be incorporated:

 ** It use the run loop of GNUstep application to handle the event
     so that it is a real GNUstep application, not tool.
Therefore, NSEvent can be used instead of XEvent with minor modification
     in place related to windows,
     and there are many other advantages as an application.

 ** Add any Xwindow window as subwindow of NSWindow
     so that all the windows on the screen
     are the NSWindow of the single GNUstep applicatiion (window manager),
     and managed by the GNUstep way (focus, moving, ordering, etc.).

** Drawing and text handling by GNUstep, which reduce a lot of X specific functions
     and NSColor, NSBezierPath, and NSStringDraw can be used.

StepBox will be on my website until it is gone (no sooner than half year from now).

 Have fun.


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