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Re: Creating jpegs in a separate Thread

From: stefan
Subject: Re: Creating jpegs in a separate Thread
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 08:23:58 +0100 (CET)
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>> Well, currently the current GSDisplayServer is stored on a per-thread
>> basis, which is probably a bug.
> This is no bug. GSDisplayServer, like the rest of the backend (and most
> of -gui) is explicitly not thread safe, so if you want to use it from
> two threads, you need two separate instances.
> The bug is that image loading touches these parts at all. Yet another
> issue caused by using wraster to load images, and one that would be
> fixed by fixing this to use lib{jpeg,png,...} directly. I thought we had
> a task for this, but I can't see it now. Anyway, it's fairly
> straightforward work, and it'd fix many issues; patches are very
> welcome. :)

i'll see what i can do. I will definitly need good image handling (consider
good as: load images from memory and from the disk in various threads) for
webcore. do you think it's complicated to throw away wraster and use
the various other libs instead?


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