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Re: Reusability of more complex UI components

From: Nicolas Roard
Subject: Re: Reusability of more complex UI components
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:41:10 +0100

On 2003-11-19 10:16:48 +0100 Stefan Urbanek <address@hidden> wrote:


GWorkspace has few nice NSViews that can display collections of objects in different ways:

Would it be possible to extract those views to separate reusable framework (backbone/environment framework?)?

What do you think?

Personally, I think it would be a great idea, as I'd like to share
the icons views between waiho and gworkspace or others apps.. in the
free software world, reusability isn't higly developed (even if
in general it's way more than in the proprietary world), but with
GNUstep and Objective-C, we have the roots to made really highly reusable
components. Plus, as there isn't much gnustep apps developers, joining
efforts when possible should be an important goal..
btw, is it already possible to create gorm palettes ? theses widgets
should go in a palette...

Nicolas Roard <address@hidden>
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Work for something because it is good, not just because
it stands a chance to succeed.  - Vaclav Havel

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