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Announce: Timer.app and CD.app

From: Ian Jones
Subject: Announce: Timer.app and CD.app
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 20:44:37 +0100

Hi all,

I have a couple of apps to let loose. One (Timer.app) I have been sitting on for a while, I think some people from #gnustep have played with it but I never officially released it. The other is a music cd player.

Timer.app is basically a minute countdown timer, I find it useful for prevention of burning my oven lunches. Once it reaches 0 it gives 10 audible beeps and then pops up an alert panel.

CD.app is a cdplayer application. I know one currently exists but for some reason the library that it uses for cdrom control hates my cdrom, so I made a new one using xine-lib. This unfortunately makes xine-lib a requirement, but this library appears to be very comprehensive to me and easy to use. I'm a mere beginner, and well, I managed to make a cdplayer so it can't be too hard. At the moment I'm using the library directly but if there is enough interest in using xine-lib for other multimedia applications on gnustep, which I believe would be a very good idea if we could agree on a common library, then I or someone else might write a wrapper for it. If you go to the xine site(http://xinehq.de/) the documentation is very good and this library can play a multitude of media types.

Timer.app: http://www.digital-bushido.org/opensource/files/CD.tgz
CD.app: http://www.digital-bushido.org/opensource/files/Timer.tgz

Have fun, I hope they are more popular than my attempt at an easy gnustep installer which is available here: http://www.digital-bushido.org/opensource/files/GSInstaller.tgz if anyone is interested, I believe the compile-all script included in the extracted directory would be a good inclusion to base to replace the existing one, it was designed to be. So if there are any developers willing to give it a lookover and consider it for inclusion, that would be nice.

Thanks as always to the people on #gnustep for offering advice and answering questions.


Ian (Ian_j on #gnustep)

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