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ImageApps - image tools for GNUstep

From: Stefan Kleine Stegemann
Subject: ImageApps - image tools for GNUstep
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 15:09:10 +0000


we want to inform everybody who is interested about the GNUstep
ImageApps project. The persons working on this project
are Fabien Vallon, Frederic Loui and Stefan Kleine Stegemann
(other participants/contributers are welcome).

The goal of this project is - as you may guess - to provide a
set of pure GNUstep Applications for dealing with images. It
consits of the following parts:

A collection of libraries and frameworks that are dealing
with all sort of image-related stuff. It currently contains a framework
to support the rendering of PDF content and a panel for adjusting
the layout of a page (other panels/views will probably follow and
the whole gui related stuff will probably be usable through Gorm
palettes). The applications in ImagesApps rely on parts of ImageKits.
Others are welcome to use them as well.

Formerly ViewIt, now renamed to ViewPDF to reflect the move
away from displaying anything to focus on PDF's only - but
this as best as possible :-). The pdf stuff has been outsourced
into ImageKits so that erveryone who wants can use it as well.

This is now the app that can be used to display everything.
Currently supports Images and PDF-Documents. The intention
is to have a simple to use and fast previewer.

A tool for organzing your images in collections. Something
between iPhoto and ImagsPortFolio (NEXTSTEP), but better :-).

As the name suggests - a service or a framework and application
to display a bunch of images in a slideshow. Any ideas about
how to use/integrate this are welcome.

A simple application to download files from digital cameras
that is based on libgphoto2 (http://gphoto.sourceforge.net/proj/libgphoto2/) The interaction with the camera has been encapsulated in a DigitalCamera
class that could be used by other applications as well.

A library/application for (modern) diagramming. There was
an announcment on the list a couple of days before. The long term
goal of GOOD is to provide a library that would help programmers
to build applications using the DIAGRAM paradigm. These applications
could be for example a clone of OmniGraffle, something like HPOpenView
or code generation that is based on an UML application ... (add your
ideas here). People interested in building such an app could potentially
use GOOD.

we hopefully will release something soon. At least ViewPDF,
Preview and Camera are usable so it's likely that there
will be a release within the next few weeks. A homepage does
not yet exist, sorry.

We appriciate any comments and suggestions.

happy gnustepping

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