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Re: GNUStep on Darwin!

From: Phillip Tamulonis
Subject: Re: GNUStep on Darwin!
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 17:36:04 -0500

Because gcc's objc hasn't built on darwin lately, I used gnustep's custom library and the ffcal library. after a few false starts, I managed to get make to find the right libobjc and everything compiled ok.

There also was an issue with gnustep bundles, where the symbols didnt seem to load properly. I think the fix was pass the -bundle flag to darwin's linker. looks like that's been fixed.

Like I said, some of the command line examples worked, but gui apps (Gorm, PC) quit with a seg fault whilst or just after building the font list when using the xlib backend on Apple's X11.

Oh, and both gcc and gnustep came from cvs.

Let me know if you need any other info/testing.



Could you give us a few details ...?



Le 03-11-24, à 11:45, address@hidden a écrit :

> I got everything to build on Darwin a few weeks ago, using GNU's gcc,
> ffcall, and the GNUstep runtime.
> I believe the tests compiled and ran; however, gui apps like Gorm
> always
> dump core.

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